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Living history

Are you looking for a bit of a punch to your Historically correct event. Or maybe you have a museum that you need special actors for to help educate. Wild West Productions has you covered. We tirelessly study and research legendary Lawmen, Outlaws, and Ladies of the Old West, but we go one farther. We tirelessly study Legendary folks from our own region. Do  you need to do historically correct characters from Indiana, Kentucky, or Ohio, we have you covered from Dr. Gatling (who worked from Indianapolis) to DJ Clark (legendary lawman of Co. who was from Indiana) to Sam Bass, and many more, we have you covered. Maybe you want Annie Oakley who was of course from Ohio but traveled extensively through Indiana, Kentucky (She auditioned for Buffalo Bills Wild West show in Louisville Ky.) and of course Ohio. But she was loved by the world. We have Annie and Bill available to do either their now famous Shooting Extravaganza or simply a meet and greet with you customers.  Maybe you want even more famous folks like Jessie James, Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp. Or you want someone to come to your event that is an expert with firearms of the time likely has one to show,  and can tell you the history of it and teach firearms safety too. We also have a seamstress that can teach or show historically accurate clothing of the time and how it was made. Bottom line is Wild West Productions is only limited by your imagination. Just ask we can likely come up with something for your event. Call us today  for more info.

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