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      Come on a journey with Wild West Productions. We portray a time when the West wasn't quite so tame. When Outlaws, Miners, Gunslingers, Land Barron's, Crooked Politicians, Horse Thieves, and much more ruled the West. And the Law, well the Law just tried to keep the peace, and dispense a little justice along the way. 

      Women had to do anything they could to survive, they became Soiled Doves (Painted Ladies), keep up the home-front, and yes in some cases became Outlaws themselves. 

      Come on a trip with us back in time to when the West was really Wild. 

        We are WILD WEST PRODUCTIONS!!!!!!!



About Us


     Wild West Productions offers a wide variety of shows for your event or festival. From an Old West Shootout, to Gatling Gun Shows, Cannon Shows, Living History, to our Very own Miss Annie Oakley trick Shooting Extravaganza. We can also offer Actors and Actresses for your festival or event to ensure your event is completely authentic to the time period. We can customize our shows to your events particular needs, including customized scenarios. Our typical shows utilize a lot of ammo, some include ground charges to blow the safe or train tracks. Others include a Cannon for jail breaks and more. Wild West Productions offers the widest range and abilities of any reenactment group out there today. Our Actors and Actresses have a combined total of well over 100 years

re-enactment experience with approx 75 years experience portraying the Wild West in particular.

     Wild West Productions is fully insured by the NRA. And can do firearm education as well. Wild West Productions is 100% owned by its members, ensuring our actors will always give your show 100% effort. 

     Contact us today to book a show. Contact Dean Stout at 

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- Living History Events for your historical event or museum

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